MKUR - Race across america The Team Supportteam for RAAM 2014

Crew Race Across America 2016

Jesper Kjærsgaard - Team Mkur

Jesper Kjærsgaard - crewchief

My name is Jesper Kjærsgaard, and I am Morten’s little brother. I am 50 years old, and feel very honored to be a part of the team around Morten’s participation in both Race around Slovenia 2013, 2015 and Race across America 2014 and 2016.

I used to ride bike a lot, and has completed Århus-Copenhagen twice. I was driving support vehicle for Morten for Paris-Brest-Paris, so the desire for being close, help, lack of sleep and much more, is to big a temptation. I must be a part of it.

When Morten was riding Race across America in 2012 I followed him closely from home. I promised Morten and myself that I would be a part of the team for his next attempt.

My strength in the team is in the areas of administration, planning, photographing, it and driving our support vehicles.

I promise to do my outmost and best to help Morten complete the race and being support for both Morten and the team.'


Mads Primdahl Thorsen - Team Mkur

Mads Primdahl Thorsen

My name is Mads Primdahl Thorsen and I´m from 1987. I was born and grew up in the region of Viborg, Denmark, and I have allways had a great interest in mecanics.I allways liked to use my hands, so for sure I have been dravn into the cyklingworld due to the tecnically aspect.

I have worked profesionally with bikes since august 2004, for a start at Fri Cykler, Viborg, Denmark. Here I learned the profession from shopowner Chris Rasmussen, who took me on as trainee in 2006. Finishing an education as professional bikemecanic in 2008, I moved on to work in a big bikeshop in Herning, Denmark, focusing on roadbikes and electric bikes.

Since 2012 I have worked in Aarhus, Denmark – mainly highend MTB/road. Lately I have done some saleswork as well.

My expectations for RAAM 2016 are huge: It will be my second time in the US, and that will be a great adwenture in itself. Crewing for RAAM will give the opportunity to see the country in a very special and uniqe way. I am aware that it will be a tough job to complete RAAM and the crew really have to pull together to make it through all the way. Especially when the tiredness and fatique sets in after a fes days.

My aim for RAAM 2016 is to do all I can to help Morten reach his goal and the finishline in time. I hope to be able – at the same time - to enjoy the ride and catch all the impressions along the way. As i am the youngest on the crew, I am sure to learn a lot from the other crewmembers.

All this is an opportunity I could never let go.

Crewmembers 2016:

Apart from Jesper og Mads the team also includes:

Heidi Reitz Nowack

Conny Lund Eskildsen

Jeanette mInke Jørgensen

René Olesen

Pictures and disciptions coming up soon!