MKUR - Race across america Morten Kjærsgaard THE RIDER

The rider and the person Morten Kjærsgaard

I have enjoyed bikeriding since 1997, and over the years I have taken on the challenge of longer and longer distances on the road.

I live near Viborg, Denmark and I work as a manager of 2 “clubs” for children age 10 – 18. In Denmark kids and teenagers can go to clubs” after school and some evenings. The employees are educated socialworkers (3,5 years bacherlor-education), and I am the leader or manager.

From where I live, I have 17 k/10 mi to work, so riding the bike to work gives me at least 35 km. This is the start of most of my trainingrides. I am a member of FMCK, our local bikeclub in the area, and I love riding with these guys on a weekly basis. I have known some of these people for more than 15 years, from the time when we started the club.

I have done 7 +1200 km rides the past 10 years,(3 Paris-Brest-Paris, 2 London Edinburg-Londonb Hamburg-Berlin-Cologne-Hamburg and 2 starts in RAAM in 2012 and 2014)and Race Across America is for me a way to find out, what I can do if I put my best efford a work. Race Across America is a race, and yet it is not a race. You will meet yourself, the good and the bad, the light and the dark, the shouting and the silence.....RAAM will pull all that is inside a person, out to the open, and for me this is interesting. No one is the same after such a long journey. I know the feeling after a welldone 1400 km ride, and I wish to learn the feeling after 5000.....

I´m 53 years old, and I ride my bike around the year and around the seasons. Riding home after work gives me a nice relaxed feeling, that brings my body and my mind to rest, and helps me to keep up my mental strenth, and recover mentally from all what life brings to me. I think that riding af long ride is a small adventure, a small journey, and I love to ride new roads and see what is behind the next corner – I´m basicly a currius man, exploring the world.

I love to work with other people, and the teamwork, that is nessesary to complete RAAM, brings me great comport and great challenges. To work with other people, especially as close as is required in Ultracycling, bring you to consider how we can be together as humans, and how we can allow ourselves to be who we are, with all the sadnes and joy and all the good and the bad feelings that everybody has inside. To watch a team grow strong with open minds and the will to set other people free is for me the highest goal of all.....